How can we help?

  • Engineeius clubs – we can provide you with programs and teachers for the following disciplines:
    • Science clubs
    • Robotics clubs
    • Engineering clubs
    • Math clubs
  • After-school programs – we can provide you with our programs to be delivered after school either by our teachers or by your teachers who have to be certified by Engineeius first
  • Integration in school curriculum – we can provide you with programs that can easily supplement your school’s curriculum
  • School day – we can provide you with programs that can be delivered during the school day
  • Camps – we can provide you with programs that can be delivered during children’s free time:
    • Weekend camps
    • Winter camps
    • Spring camps
    • Summer camps
  • Special events – we can offer you fun, engaging activities that can be done during birthdays and special day events in schools or nurseries such as valentine’s day, mother’s day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc.:
    • Birthdays
    • Special day events

Why use our programs at your educational institute?

  • Support academic improvement by making kids attracted to science
  • Better understanding of concepts
  • More attraction to school and science
  • Programs can be mapped to education standards
  • Reinforcement of curriculum without being repetitive
  • Happier kids and parents
  • Productive after-school time

What is the process of cooperation?

  • Initial Meeting: assess needs and desires
  • Proposal Submission: submit proposal to school
  • Contracting: negotiate terms of the agreement and sign contract
  • Implementation: start program(s) delivery
  • Feedback: obtain feedback from school administration, teachers, parents, and students
  • Reincorporate feedback in next rounds
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